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  • Drum Patterns Software?

    I have been considering buying a low-end keyboard with a bunch of drum patterns to use as a practice tool for guitar. I have zero interest in playing piano, I just want some drums to practice to. I know that there are dedicated drum machines, but I'm only interested in pre-made drum patterns. The time I would have to spend composing beats would take away precious guitar practice time. I would only be willing to spend around $100 anyway. So here's my question, are there any PC programs that can do what I'm looking for? Yesterday I installed Magix Music Maker 12 Deluxe and it only has around 30 different patterns, of which I only found a few that were usable. Are there other programs that offer 100+ patterns? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Check out Tunafish by Bram Bos. It's cheap, very rhythm oriented, and easy to use.


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      That's something where I would have to make the beats myself, so that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks anyway, though. Any other relevant suggestions?


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        Jamstix -
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          Close, but no cigar(only 50 patterns). Looks like I'm gonna have to go with a keyboard or drum machine.


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            Magix is MIDI capable.

            Go on the internet and find a billion MIDI drum patterns and use 'em. You can also download MIDI songs and erase all but the drum parts and use 'em.

            If you want to pay a little, has great midi drum patterns (even some free ones to try out)
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              I'll keep that in mind, thank you.


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                How about downloading Reaper ( Free ) and using some of it's built-in, 3rd party drum samples? If you just need drum patterns, PM me.

                Also, as TimOBrien said, there's lots of MIDI's on the web, mostly whole songs and a lot are ghetto as a mo fo but you can chop them up into useful, simple beats to play over. I've gotten quite a bit of MIDI's of songs off of newsgroups that seem pretty accurate. That would still require something like Reaper to play them though.

                You could try this It's $40-ish. Very easy. I can't comment on the drum sounds or the quality/quantity of beats though. I used it for about 10 minutes and thought it was just too ghetto to be useful. Some guys love it though.

                If you spend about $150 you can get Toontracks' EZ Drummer. It works great with Reaper and has a few hundred very good, useable built-in patterns that you just drag and drop onto Reaper. No editing required and there are many variations of each pattern if you want to get fancy.
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                  Sorry for just jumpin in here but I'm new to recording and jusr recently started using reaper. How do I go about using the drum samples you were referring too? thnx


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                    If you have an android phone you can try Drummer Friend.
                    Is an app that i found on Google play. It has over 100 Pre programmed rhythms that can be modified
                    or used as source for creating new variations.
                    Every rhythms has parts for intro,varition,fill-in and finale.
                    The sound is amazing, it has also some effects like reverb and equalization.


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                      There is online drum pattern that I think its free. You can learn drum sequence there for free. 


                      The other one is PC drummer. However, it is not free but they have free trial.