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Software for removig tracks

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  • Software for removig tracks

    Looking for software for removing guitar tracks from songs.

    Any suggestions

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    Yes, the AGH box....
    . Ain't . Gonna . Happen
    Tim O'Brien


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      No ****************, youre telling me it cant be done?

      I've heard Backing Tracks that were from the original

      How is that done?


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        I am sure that some of the pros are going to have a different take on this then me. They may even rip my post to shreds technically but here goes anyway...

        Lets discuss somthing that we know can be done .. we know Karaoke machines for the most part can remove vocals. There is also equipment for that purpose. I don't mean a cd player that you put a CD with the vocals already removed either.. I mean an actual machine (there are also plugins for this purpose)

        Well what these things do is they supress a certain range of audio. Basically they lower the mid range in most cases to nil
        because the vocal for the most part happens in the mid range of the song. If you notice when they do this you still can hear the vocal it's never totally gone just so low that it's easily drown out when you sing over it.

        You don't need a machine to do this .. you can do it with an EQ .. because thats really all the machine is.. but it's programmed to remove a certain freaquency range... Somthing you yourself can do manually if you wanted.

        You can apply that to guitar too .. and perhaps isolate the guitars range of sound and lower everything else .. This is just an idea but after you lower everything as best you can and your just left with the guitar being most prominant .. I think (correct me if I am wrong) that there are plugins meant to filter distortion/clicks/pops etc. for mastering that can sample a particular section of a wave form or freaquency (that you choose) then delete it from the mix.. Whos to say you can't use them to try and isolate the extra stuff that is left over after you have eq'ed as much as you can out?

        Just some ideas for you to think about .. but that is how I would try to go about it if I was going to attempt that.
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          If money is no object, you can do it with one of these:

          http://www.rolandus.com/products/details.asp?catid=12&subcatid=48&prodid=VS%2D2480C D

          It's a Roland 24-track Digital Workstation; this machine can isolate and remove ANY part of a song.

          I have a couple of backing tracks that were made by using Adobe Audition to eliminate guitar parts, and it seems to work successfully. You can just hear a feint echo of the original guitar. I own many Adobe licenses, but not one for Audition so I don't know the specifics of how it's done.



          • jemmus
            jemmus commented
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            If anybody has a minute, check out this video of a guy's cover of Santana "Song of the Wind."  He's got a karaoke-like track playing with all of the song's guitar track out.  "Song of the Wind" is an old pre-CDs analog recording, so it doesn't seem possible to do that.  Think he did it digitally?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHO-xw2tZCY  (it's a great video by the way-- this guy can play his Santana).

          • kenact
            kenact commented
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            "If money is no object, you can do it with one of these:

            http://www.rolandus.com/products/details.asp?catid=12&subcatid=48&prodid=VS%2D2480C D"


            Do you have the name of the product?  When I click your link I get a 404 Page Not Found message.

          • tom616164
            tom616164 commented
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            Have you ever detected a song and needed you'll take away the voice? The art of eliminating the human voice in music is extremely laborious to try to to - however you'll be able to do. it's not continuously attainable to utterly take away the voice of a song because of varied factors, like compression, stereo separation, the frequency spectrum, etc. However, with slightly experimentation, smart audio quality, and slightly Hopefully, you'll be able to get satisfactory results.

            For a additional careful look of however the sphere of audio redaction work, you'll be able to browse our article on dedicated Vocal Elimination conjointly highlights a number of its applications.

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          Thanks I'll check out the AdOBE