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Simple Midi recording/playback software

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  • Simple Midi recording/playback software

    I'm a newbie to Midi. I've got a Yamaha P120 digital stage piano, and a MidiSport Uno Midi to USB adapter to hook it up to my laptop.(XP Pro)

    I'd like to just be able to record from the P120, via the Midi, onto my PC, and play back. I'd also like to be able to record the demo songs on the P120 -- which have multiple parts -- and play them back, playing over them, and recording the entire result.

    I'm looking for some good, easy-to-use, not too expensive software for this, please. I downloaded and tried the Voyetra Record Producer Midi, but I couldn't quite get it to do what I wanted, and the help wasn't very helpful.

    Other suggestions for software and/or tutorials?


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    I was in the same situation.

    CubaseSE is only $99. Unlimited MIDI tracks and lots of features. Solid as a rock, too, and since they invented VST technology I have yet to come across any problems with any plugins.
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      There are free things out there, too. However, purchasing something with support is better. Cakewalk has some inexpensive versions as well.
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        You can't beat PowerTracks which usually sells for $29.

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