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How to run PPC (G4) apps on Mavericks?

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  • How to run PPC (G4) apps on Mavericks?

    Hi folks , greetings!

     I recently got a new Macbook Pro & installed Mavericks .

     I was using a G4 Powerbook for a lot of stuff before , eg Vector Surgeon for my Prophet VS & Roland VS2000 Wav convertor, as well as my Presonus Firebox, & now none of those apps work on the new system & my Powerbook doesnt work.

    Do I really have to buy another used PPC Mac in order to use this software? These apps are important to me & my workflow. 

    Is there no way to run these apps on my Macbook ?

    The Presonus Firebox works, but not the mixer software that comes with it & unfortunately therefore not the Coaxial line in & outs.  Like the other apps mentioned they are only supported on PPC machines.

    This seems really backward & is very inconveniant to make perfectly usable equipment & apps redundant because of Computer OS upgrades.

    Any angles or ways around this?      Thanks          

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    The last G4 Powerbook was made 9 years ago. You can use Rosetta on 10.6 to run PPC apps but it was dropped afterward

    Upon hearing this, the master was enlightened


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      Thanks Kolapsar, looks like I will have to reinstall 10.6 on a seperate drive or partition or something?

      Hopefully some kind person will make an app lik Rosetta for Mavericks

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    what year did you buy the MacBook?

    the best solution (imo) is to downgrade to 10.6 (snow leopard) to run PPC apps, if that works for ya.  but newer models (post-june 2012) won't downgrade.


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      PPC is dead. If you REALLY need to run those programs, you can get a used ppc mac for $200 as the best solution.
      Tim O'Brien