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inexpensive MIDI editor that works?


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  • inexpensive MIDI editor that works?

    This has been driving me nuts for several days. I need to be able to record MIDI on my iMac, edit it in piano roll format and export MIDI. I need to be able to zoom the view so I can see exactly where the notes are. I don't need a massive full-featured expensive recording program - I'm sending the files to my engineer who has the good stuff. I'm willing to pay something ( up to $150) but not a fortune for something that works. I've tried:

    • Garage Band - doesn't export MIDI
    • Aria Maestosa - editing piano roll only snaps to grid - can't move notes at will. 
    • MidiSwing - crashes 
    • Cubase 6 LE trial - couldn't get awful eLicenser to work despite several days of going around with their tech support. I will NOT give them my business.
    • About 10 different free editors - some don't have piano roll, some can't zoom the view

    I'm at my wit's end! Please help while I still have some hair left!

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    Reaper (yes it works on OSX same as Windows).  Free to try, only $60 for a personal license.

    Tim O'Brien