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Quantized 16th Notes in regions not playing correctly

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  • Quantized 16th Notes in regions not playing correctly

    I was tracking a 16th note riff into Logic - it was a MIDI string part that was quantized to 16th notes and locked to the quantize grid. It was playing back perfectly until I drew in a cc11 volume swell. After drawing in the cc11 curve, the rhythm didn't play back correctly. I checked in the piano roll window to see if the notes were still lined up to the grid and they were. I deleted the cc11 curve and decided to draw in a volume swell with the hyper editor in the arrange window. Same problem. When I went into the piano roll and clicked on a note, the message below popped up:

    Logic Error.jpg

    The channel numbers in the even edit list were ch1 and ch2. The strangest part was that in the pattern I played, the high notes (played with my pinky and accented) were all ch2, and the low notes (played with my thumb and index finger) were all ch1. After assigning everything to ch1 the rhythm issue within that region remained. You have any idea what might've caused this?

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    Hmm.. I've personally never seen that before..


    Might be worth checking in with the Logic Pro Help forums?

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      Thanks Rimmer. I'm digesting the explanation on the link. I'm a bit confused by it. Hopefully, I'll get it to sink into my thick skull.

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      To be honest, I was a little confused too but I thought it may mean more to you.. .png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />