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Swapping system drives?


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  • Swapping system drives?

    I have an eMac running 10.4.11. But it's old and underpowered.

    My intention is to buy a 2nd hand, pre April-2005 G5 tower with dual-processors and 2-4G of memory.

    My question is this:-

    Those pre April-2005 G5s will run 10.3.8, so am I right to assume that I can just take the system drive out of the eMac, install it in the G5, and the G5 will boot up fine from that drive?
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    THis is a very hardware dependent question. If the motherboard doesn't support an OS, it doesn't matter how the OS got on the computer, it won't work. Apple has some webpages that tell what the last OS that will run on their specific hardware is. It told me that my Mac-mini wouldn't update past Lion and Mountain Lion won't install on it. So if they say it won't work, it really won't work. Do a bit of websearching and I'm sure you'll find that page.


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      Thanks WynnD,

      The pre april-2005 G5s will run 10.4.11 which is what is on my eMac system drive.

      But, I've since found out that the eMac drive won't work in a G5 because it's an ATA drive, and the G5s only support SATA.
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        Firstly, it should work just fine.

        Second, you have a few options. The CDROM drive is ATA. When i first got my first Dual G5, SATA drives cost a ton! So i simply carried my large IDE drive over and used a regular cable to split the IDE channel to 2 drives.

        You could simply do this, boot from DVD/CD, and use disk utility to clone the IDE drive to the SATA drive

        Those old PowerPC mac OSX versions pretty much installed almost every kext you'd ever need for apple hardware. Hence why you can pull out their few ATI/NVidia cards, reboot and be in a full QE/CI desktop without a single driver install.

        I have a pair of Dual 1.8 PowerMAC G5's sitting here. Repaired and replaced so many parts on em its ridiculous! Used logic on them forever! Still do occasionally. Leo, osx 10.5.8 is noticeably faster than 10.4.11 though. I remember upgrading to Tiger for free, and immediately regretting it.

        Actually scratch the above, no need to remove the drive, just boot up the eMac in target disk mode (hold T at bootup) connect it to the PowerMac via firewire cable. Use the OSX install disk/Disk Utility to clone your eMac's drive over to the power mac's drive. Just make sure you set the boot parameters right on the power mac drive, i beleive its GUID? otherwise itll copy and not boot.


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          I would just take the hdd out of the g5 and connect it to my emac through a ubs enclosure and partiton it to guild and then use "clone x" to clone my emac drive over and once done simple reinstall it into you g5 and or golden...clone x can be found on pirateb*y.