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  • Upgrade Tip for an Ageing Mac..

    I've had a bit of a bad time with my Macbook Pro recently. I dropped it at work whilst it was about a foot to the ground. Thought nothing of it until I tried to turn it on again later that day. The screen lit up, it sounded like it was booting up but nothing other than a very dimly lit screen.

    Business insurance claim in progress, I didn't turn it on again until I got home. I plugged it in via my 23" Dell screen at home and surprise, it was working via the video output! I back it up and then spent some time playing around with it. MUCH to my surprise, after around an hour or so, the screen burst back in to life. It's been working fine since!!!... UNTIL the hard drive failed

    At this stage, i'm a little confused as to why the machine is functioning perfectly from a screen point of view. I committed to a Solid State drive from Crucial (their sort of 'legacy' offering, the V4) as the machine appears stable. I installed all my old stuff, upgraded to the latest OS (Mountain Lion) and it's like having a new up to date Mac!!!

    Everything is very fast and efficient. It boots quickly and shuts down very quickly. Apps boot up really quick and i'm extremely pleased with the machine at the moment..

    Sooo... If you're Mac is feeling a little tired, an SSD is an amazing boost for it. They are much cheaper than they were and it's probably as good as the CPU upgrade you wish you could have in a Mac lappy or iMac..
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    Yes, the SSD makes a huge difference. At one point I had a Core 2 Duo Macbook Air with 2GB of RAM and a quad core i5 iMac with 12GB, and the Air did a lot of things faster because of the SSD. Even when you run out of actual RAM and have to swap to disk, the "disk" being a fast SSD makes it very fast. The Air ran games that "required" a faster processor and more RAM than it had.
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      I had upgraded my Macbook Pro with one of the hybrid drives. Seagate Momentus XL(?) 750 gig drive. I was also running out of room on my 1/4 terabyte OEM drive. The Macbook Pro is just a little too old to take full advantage of the drive's speed. (3 Gigabit communication speed when the drive will handle 6 Gigabit.) Still a nice upgrade with a lot of space and a solid performance boost. (Not quite as much as you guys got.)


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        Another +1 from me for the SSD upgrade. I put one in my 2007 MBP, and it's the biggest perceptible performance boost since I traded a 3 year old iBook G3 for this MBP C2D. I was thinking of a new machine, but I think I just bought another year of life for this one. Of course, while much better for disk-heavy operations, for processor-heavy operations it can still show its age.
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          I'm still trying to work out whether my SSD upgrade is generally more noticeable an upgrade than upgrading from a Macbook Pro 2.16ghz Core (one) duo to the 2.4 Core 2 duo with a much better graphics card, which was noticeable!

          I wish I had have done this before, even when they were expensive as it really has made a world of difference.

          I'm still experimenting with a TRIM (look up SSD TRIM) enabler, as Apple only apparently enable TRIM on their chosen 3rd party drives (shame.. ). Seems have made the experience more consistent..
          "(The New Testament) is a work of crude carpentry, hammered together long after its purported events, and full of improvised attempts to make things come out right." Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P