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Apple IOS for ipad, iphone, ipod touch Thread section?


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  • Apple IOS for ipad, iphone, ipod touch Thread section?

    I don't see a section for the Apple IOS.
    Does this mean people general go somewhere else for questions and discussion related to ios music apps?
    If so, where do they go?
    I'm trying to figure why Akai Synthstation app does not save settings; it keeps reverting to the default every-time I restart.

    Thank you.

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    good question. did you use a new song project location? songs 1 thru 16 are factory. try going to song 17 and renaming it. then edit your sounds to taste and record to a sequence location. each song has 32 sequence locations. use the transport to record the output of the drums, synth 1, 2, & 3 respectively. you can output your songs to wav and midi file by using the recorder. you can access the recordings from a computer on the same wifi network by entering the IP address supplied by synth station and entering it in your browser address pane. it will take you to your iPhone or pad and allow you to down load the songs in either format or both. I believe the synth edits will be there when you go back to that song location. just my guess anyway. I haven tried it yet.


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      This is probably the best place for questions like that. The section probably out to be renamed Apple Products and issues. Might get used more that way too.