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Just upgraded to Mountain Lion

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  • Just upgraded to Mountain Lion

    So far so good. Needed to update Avast. Everything else looks like it's working. Barely got into the voice recognition feature. (Looking forward to that, I've got an iphone 4s.) The upgrade itself went smoothly. There was the 10 hour download from the App Store. (Which could just be the speed of my DSL.)

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    Let me know if anything goes bad, I'm waiting to upgrade to see if logic is going to get broken!
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    I play drums

    Well then what are you doing on a forum for musicians?


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      Everything's fine for me so far. Not a whole lot of difference between Lion and it, however it does seem faster, and now boots in 13 seconds. The added security is nice too.
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        I did notice that Safari windows popped right open. (2 year old macbook pro) I'm running Cubase Artist 6, but haven't had a reason to fire it up. Portal works fine. (Under the Steam engine.) It seems strange to have only one entry location in Safari. It works ok, just not used to it yet. I'm probably going to see if I can install it on my 2007 mac-mini. (It's on the doesn't work list, but I'm running Lion on it just fine.)


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          Cubase Artist 6 looks normal at this point. Can't speak to other DAWs.


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            They are advertising Logic after the release of Mountain Lion. I don't have that program but Cubase Artist 6 is running fine. The Mountain Lion upgrade has been pretty smooth. Safari has lost the separate search input but works fine. (Bugs me a little because it's different, but is totally functional. I suspect that in a week or two, I won't remember how it's different.)


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              I was just getting my brain around Snow Leopard now Lion. Oh well, I'll wait for a bit longer... allow them to get some of the kinks out.

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              The only real reason to not upgrade at least to Lion is that you need Rosetta for a piece of software. With Lion, Rosetta goes away. Stability is about the same on all OS-X operating systems. A few pieces of software will need the latest patches, but that's a normal part of a computer. I do have a solitaire game that has occasional bad card pictures. (I play around them and after a while, they either clear up or vanish. Either way the game still works.)

              Just finally got into Icloud. first 5 GB of storage is free. Did it mostly for locating either my MacBook Pro or iphone 4s. Pretty useable. Not going to do photos through it.


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                Just a big up for their pricing. It seems that these upgrades (although increasingly unwelcome for me) are more pocket change than a monthly budget consideration..

                I'm not sure I need it at the moment and worry about the stuff I already use falling foul to Apple's legacy policy (Logic 7 user..!) but at least it's not the notable financial outlay it used to be..
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                  I'm running Cubase 5.5.3 + Native Instruments Komplete 8 on Snow Leopard and all's good.
                  I'm wondering if it's to early to make the jump ?


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                    when i upgraded to lion last year logic just wouldnt run for me the way it had previously , it ran flawlessly . my drivers to my interface weren't compatible etc. and i lost some cool programs from snow leopard like front row, so i reverted back and have no intention of moving to ml in the near future. just check all your other software drivers for support and read the apple forums to make sure you dont end up with trouble


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                      Mountain Lion sounds good but I think I'll stick to Snow Leopard on my iMac. I have Lion on my 11" MacBook Air but I prefer Snow Leopard to it. I have actually lost interest in upgrading OSes now and I am still very happy with Snow Leopard.
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                        I'm happy with the Mountain lion upgrade. You lose all the PowerPC compatible universal libraries when upgrading to Lion. (Rosetta provides the needed support and won't run under Lion or Mountain Lion.) I lost two programs when I upgraded to Lion. I lost nothing more when upgrading to Mountain Lion. (I only replaced one of the programs, so I guess the other wasn't really important.)


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                          I did it the other day as my HD went belly up in my Macbook Pro. Got a Crucial 256gig Solid State Drive. Obviously everything seems a lot faster now..!!

                          I have tried the Dictation and it's as efficient as the last time I tried Siri on my iPhone 4s. I can't speaker in the same way I speak to people in real life. I have to pronunciate a lot more obviously but it works really well other than that. I'm never sure of the value of dictation tools as you have to run through it afterwards to check all the spelling errors etc. I'm not sure it speeds up the process of writing something overall but there is something useful about it i'm sure..
                          "(The New Testament) is a work of crude carpentry, hammered together long after its purported events, and full of improvised attempts to make things come out right." Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P


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                            IMHO Lion didn't bring anything new to the table, and introduced stability, memory and performance issues. After months of struggling with it I'm downgrading to Snow Leopard tonight and never upgrading again. Apple is probably not going to see any more money from me either, too bad the absence of Steve Jobs is showing so soon and in so many obvious ways (iPhone 5 also springs to mind).