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Just got back into playing guitar again with GarageBand

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  • Just got back into playing guitar again with GarageBand

    I may have to start playing again. It's been a while but with the Apogee Jam input and my new iPad it is too much fun!

    Excuse the roughness here but I have about 1 hour experience with this iPad and haven't played guitar for months. I laid down the three guitar parts and the rest is Garageband:

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    Nice! I have not been paying attention to GarageBand on iPad, but after hearing yours and watching Apple's Demo, it looks like a heck of a $5 app. The Apogee gadget working well for you too?
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      Very Nice!


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        I've got one of those "Jam" inputs.

        Works pretty nice for the iPad, but for some reason the lag is pretty notable if you plug it into any other Apple product. Apogee gave me a line about different systems, blah blah, but it was still annoying.
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