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  • Love my new iPad

    I've been resisting getting into the whole pad thing, but my wife surprised me with a new iPad. It came just a few hours ago. The 64gig wifi only model. I didnt need a data plan anyway. It's awesome. Posting from it now. I thought it would be harder to type on, but got used to it In short order. I love the speech to text feature. Say it and it types it.

    I purchased garage band and the instrument sound pretty good. Well off to play with it

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    Congratulations! I was wondering where do you get a foot-switch for those things.
    It seems like they make pretty much any kind of accessories for the iPad, but I can't seem to find a foot-switch.
    I want to use the foot-switch to control things.


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      Actually I thought about it some more, and I figured why not think big.
      Is there an app that can recognize my facial expression, and in accordance allow me to control things?
      Here are my facial expressions and the things it controls respectively.
      1. Smile -> switch the amp model to clean channel
      2. Frown -> switch the amp model to dirty channel
      3. Open Mouth -> true bypass mode
      4. Right Eye Closed -> advance guitar tab one bar
      5. Left Eye Closed -> go back one bar on guitar tab
      I'm just thinking out loud... I guess number 3 won't work if you know how to sing.


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        Iv'e been thinking about buying an ipad now that I have the money, but can you buy Logic 9 for it?
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          Iv'e been thinking about buying an ipad now that I have the money, but can you buy Logic 9 for it?

          No, it won't run Mac software. There are audio editing apps, but they are pretty basic. I use Twisted Wave, Garageband, and Hokusai.
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            I'm still loving my iPad


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              Love my iPad, too!
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                anyone use auria for recording on your ipad?
                my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.