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ProTools 10 - a giant bag of disappointment


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  • ProTools 10 - a giant bag of disappointment

    Is there any explanation why updating ProTools 9.01 to 9.05 would cause my Mac to lose its authorization? Especially when the iLok still works? Rather than buying support on 9.05, I upgraded to ProTools 10.01, which then for some reason no longer works with any of my plugins. I now have all my previous work stranded in a version that won't run on my computer, and a new version on my computer which cannot run my plugin collection. Call me disappointed. The cost to repurchase these plugins is more than I'm able to budget for; but ProTools 11 will likely be 64bit, requiring me to re-purchase them once again. This is depressing.
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    Of course you backed up before you installed, didn't you?
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      Of course, you checked the compatibility of your plugins for PT 10 before you upgraded to PT 10. Right?