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Peak 7 vs. Wavelab 7 vs. Audacity


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  • Peak 7 vs. Wavelab 7 vs. Audacity

    I'm really tired of having to re-register my Peak 6 program when I flip between laptop, bedroom Mac Mini, or Mac Pro in the batcave. Peak 7 is out and I can get it for $99 but sometimes when flipping between my various computers, I just pull out Audacity instead; it also works on the PC DAW in my batcave. But I don't like how Audacity opens a zillion windows, and Peak feels like a more polished product. I've been considering migrating to Wavelab though, because I'd prefer a tool that works on OSX and Win7. However, the full Wavelab price is $500 which is beyond my means. Does anyone have experience with Wavelab Essentials 7? Is it ok for mastering CD's?
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