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  • How import files into GarageBand

    What is the procedure, if possible, to get a song' tracks from one computer to another using the program GarageBand ?

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    Usually when I send tracks I record in Logic Pro to my buddy who is a studio engineer that uses Pro Tools, the easiest way I've found is to just bounce them down to .wav tracks and go that route. Same principals apply to Garageband.
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      I am using a Garageband Jr. of sorts that is on Ipad. I can find no place to convert to wav file or insert/import/ anything. Guess I need the full version on a Mac.


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        I am using a Garageband Jr. of sorts that is on Ipad. I can find no place to convert to wav file or insert/import/ anything. Guess I need the full version on a Mac.

        Your posts don't seem to align...are you trying to move files from one computer to another, from an iPad to a computer, a computer to an iPad or an iPad to another iPad?

        And are you trying to import full songs (multi-tracks) or individual wavs, GarageBand files or what?

        For starters to try and help, in the upper left corner in the iPad version of GarageBand, click on the "My Songs" button. You should now see each/any song you have saved on the iPad (you can scroll through them to find the one you want) and (4) icons at the lower center of the screen.

        When you have the song you want...

        Click on the icon to the far left to be able to 'send' the song to iTunes on your computer/GarageBand on another iPad, iPhone/touch or computer, or as an .m4a file attached to an email.

        The second from the left icon allows you to import song files into GarageBand.

        (The two icons to the right are to create a new/duplicate file or send the file to the trash).
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          What I would like to do is find a source for songs that I may download to GarageBand on my iPad. Once I have them I will silence tracks that I will provide live performance in their stead...mainly guitar and singing.

          At one time I did this easily with a music work station via midi files that even though were ok back up tracks they didn't have near the quality of sound I get from my iPad and GarageBand.

          So, I'm looking for a source and how to get songs into my iPad in their original GarageBand separated track format.

          I will try your suggestions but all I have on iTunes is CD recordings of bands. I'm looking for a way to have song files that are fully separated by each instrument so they appear in GarageBand just as if you created a song so I my customize the tracks for my needs. I have been sent a few from other musicians but so far I can only play them as one whole file, mixed to one track.

          Does that make sense? If I send one of my perosnally garageband created songs via email to someone, how could they get that song into their GarageBand song list? It seems to me all they can do is play the song with QuickTime not have a fully track by track separation of the data into a new GarageBand song.

          I'm wanting to be on the receiving end of a song and get it into GarageBand fully separated not just a single compiled recording.