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  • Restore from Time Machine experience

    I've been backing up with time machine for the last year. I really like not having to think about backing up. Those who have been following my shutdown problems know that the hang on shut down was driving me crazy. Figured it was time to wipe the drive and do a restore from time machine.

    Erased the drive, but my upgrade to lion had created a recovery partition. I had a thumb drive for Lion recovery, but the first thing it did was to run out to the internet and verify that I was allowed to install it on my computer. Then it told me that it was downloading OS files that would take 5+ hours to load. Didn't want to wait for something that I thought was already on my computer. Worst thing was that it didn't look like anything was happening. (If I had walked away from my computer for an hour, the progress bar would have shown.) Shut that down and grabbed my Snow Leopard disc for the machine. Guess that Lion's mods to the disc have prevented the re-install of the prior OS. (Getting around that might be difficult.) Gave up that attempt and resigned myself to the fate of my mediocre internet connection. (Should have gone to a coffee shop with a fast connection.) The download actually took about 9 hours. Then with a working OS, I started to go through the welcome screens and building a new user. Have any of you used exactly the same name and exact same spelling for your user? Well, I stumbled and created a user with a different name than the one that was backed up on time machine. Time machine restored to the computer, but it didn't create the user that was backed up and the user I was logged in as didn't have rights to see those files. (Even though he was an admin level user.) I finally figured out where I had stubbed my toe and created a user with the correct name. You know, I haven't done IT support for the last 10 years. Guess I'm getting rusty. There are some suggestions that you can restore completely from a backup. Will look into that. Would be nice to not have to reinstall an OS first.

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    I read your tale with interest. Lion's install procedures are new territory for all of us Mac users. Even restoring an entire user account with Time Machine is not something I've had to do yet. If you got there in the end, it's all OK.
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      Sounds like a bit of a struggle to me. Hopefully you'll get your machine back and running properly after all your efforts..!

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        It's pretty much back to normal and my hang on shutdown is gone. Iphoto isn't working right now and I trying to figure how to reinstall from Snow Leopard when Lion's installer doesn't allow it to run. Worst case scenario is to have to purchase the new version of ilife. I use iweb so that would be useful, but I'm cheap and will work around it for now.


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          I haven't any experience with the Lion installer yet. HOwever under SL and prior Os's if you had already created a user with the same username as the one you have on Time MAchine, it would ask to rename the user (short username) before proceeding with the data restore. This would create a 2nd user on the system.


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            Didn't know that.