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    I have been using DP on the Mac for 10 years and an going to upgrade my system shortly. I am considering moving to PT because of its industry wide acceptance. I have browsed the PT manual (1200 pages) and it looks like Digital Performer actually modeled a lot of its workflow on PT. My question is, how steep is the learning curve? I tried emagic Logic a long time ago and found it completely user hostile (probably no longer the case since Apple owns it now).

    Any input appreciated.

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      I work with someone who made the switch from DP to PT in 2004. At the time, it took him about 2 months to really get into PT. He was able to use it quickly, but to fully understand it and take advantage of it required time. Of course this also depends on how you learn and how much time you can devote to it.
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        It's also about the tutorials you study. IMO, most manuals have good reference information, but aren't good at instruction. Check out a tutorial book by, for example, Peachpit Press, which has cool DVDs with screwed up sessions that you learn to fix. has fantastic online tutorials.
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          ^^^ That's a great tip, thanks!
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            Midi features are not as deep as DP, so learning curve is about the same as any DAW.

            Also be aware that the PT|HD software/hardware IS the Standard.

            The new PT|HD native gets you in the ballpark.

            Make sure you read PT software guide that explains the different versions and capabilities of the different levels of PT.
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