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  • Trying to import XML file..

    Working on a friend's short film. He sent me an XML file and I tried to import it into L9. First thing that came up was "Import FCP Sequence" and several options such as "paintdripping" or something like that. I click through that and get another message saying a .mov file isn't found, prompting me to search for the file on my hard drive. I click cancel, go back to the same message, bck and forth a few times until I'm given the option to skip over it...

    Then I get another message about how the XML file uses different sample rates and I've got to choose between "Use 44100" or "Use 4295015296". Huh? :?

    Looks like the director only sent me a rough cut of the sound without the video. So is the problem on my end or his? Should I ask him to send the rough cut of both the film and audio or is there something I need to do on my end to fix the problem?

    With past projects I've worked on I usually get a Quicktime movie and I just import the audio track into the arrange window and work on that.
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    Ask for a Quicktime movie, an incomplete XML defeats it's purpose.
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