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Do u think Zoom R16 would work with a G4 Powerbook?


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  • Do u think Zoom R16 would work with a G4 Powerbook?

    The specs say the Zoom R16 needs a Mac with an Intel Processor but I have a G4 Powerbook (with PowerPC Processor). My Powerbook is the latest model before Mac changed to using to Intel. And I have it souped up with a recent OS and extra RAM. How different can they be?

    Mine has:
    1.5GHz processor
    2 gigs of SDRAM

    Do you think I should take the chance and hope that it is smart enough to work with the R16.

    I really really really want to get an R16!!!!!!!

    thanks for opinions!

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    By the looks of it there's a bit of jiggery pokery with kext files needed, and an older version of the driver for mac needed to get it to work...


    I'm looking into this but need a copy of older drivers (not the current one as listed on the site),


    I'd quite like to make an alternative community driver if possible!  My PPC is fine, physically, and it's a good way to keep using Logic (which would be amazing to get working with the R16!!!!)....   Anyhow....  Any luck?