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is the apple mac mini good for making music?


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  • is the apple mac mini good for making music?

    Hi there

    I'm very close to buying a mac & logic pro 7. I'm considering getting the mac mini 1.83ghz with 2gb of ram & 120gb hard drive. Will this be enough to run logic pro comfortably???

    Any suggestions.........................


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    Should be fine. I run DP 5.01 on a PPC 1.5GHz mini quite comfortably.
    Mind you, it's not my primary machine, but it could be if so needed.

    When you buy the mini, you might also spring for one of those nifty external hard drives that a few manufacturers make, that look like the mini. Some even have extra USB and Firewire ports and serve as a hub, as well.
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      nice machine - with 2 gigs you'll be fine...
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        I run Pro Tools LE (002R) on a dual 2.0Ghz G5. I picked up a MacMini (1.66 Ghz Core Duo - 1 GB RAM) for keeping my iTunes and iPhoto stuff next to our Sony HD LCD. Well for kicks I decided to hook PT up to the mini. I swear that it had twice the performance of the G5 (which I always thought was pretty good). I spent a boatload of cash (more than $4000.00) on the Dual G5 and the less than $500.00 mini blew it away. To answer your question, the MacMini will do just fine.
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          I picked up a core duo mini for evaluation, after testing for a while it has now become my primary machine.

          It's really a repackaged Macbook minus core 2 duo cpu. I boot from an external firewire drive it gives me a little bit more performance, and I don't have to replace the internal laptop style hard drive.

          Stuff it RAM.

          At they have a Mini Monster project where they took a core single mini, and added a core duo cpu, removed the internal drive and routed a SATA cable to the outside of the chasis for external SATA. I may do the mod at a later date, and stuff in a Core 2 Duo.


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            Thanks folks.....


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              Works great!

              Picked up a 1.66 Core Duo last month, upgraded to 1Gb of RAM and the thing flies! Installed Ableton Live and the Korg Legagy Collection softsynths.

              I installed Boot Camp and XP Pro this weekend - this little thing is zippier than my Gateway Athlon 64-M 4000+ laptop!


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                Oh! This is a good software,I sure this can help you!


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                  Oh!this is a good software,I sure this can help you!
                  [URL=""DJ Mixer for Mac /URL]


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                    I was thinking of augmenting my rig with a couple of Mac Minis.

                    There's a good article called "Mac Minis as VSL Farms: An Overview"



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                      I use a Mini with Garageband. I don't even have the newest Mini either, it's Power PC, not Intel. I record directly in with an M-audio Fasttrack USB input.


                      I post my stuff on - it started out me putting just crappy demos up, but I'm slowly focusing more and more on maybe improving the songs and even making a jump to more dance/rave style music (it's easiest to make if you aren't in a band!).

                      All I can say is for me, Garageband has changed everthing! Oh, yeah, the Mini... it's awsome too! Just make sure you max the ram!

                      - Scott