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    I have just bought a Novation Remote SL 25 and I must say it's a lovely
    little controller!

    I am using the Remote SL with Pro Tools 7.1 and I am trying to work out
    how to control RTAS instruments as plug ins within Pro Tools, such as B42
    and Hybrid using the Remote as the midi controller.

    I know that this should be simple and everyone keeps telling me that the
    learn cc feature enables you just to control click on the chosen soft
    synth and select learn cc and then twiddle any knob on the Remote and
    Bob's your uncle, the Remote is automatically assigned to the soft synth.
    However..... it wont work and I'm getting really frustrated.

    Every time I open up Hybrid as a plug in, I then control click on the
    Hybrid and select learn cc and then use a fader on the Remote, or a knob
    but still nothing happens.

    I know that someone out there has the answer and I would be so happy and
    appreciative if one of you clever people could please let me know how to
    solve this issue.

    Anyone using a Remote SL with Pro Tools and plug in soft synths, please
    get in touch and help out someone of lesser knowledge than yourselves.

    Many thanks you lovely people :