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Any such thing as a live 'visualizer' for guitar?

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  • Any such thing as a live 'visualizer' for guitar?

    Is there any sort of program that will produce a full-screen visualizer (like iTunes) which will respond to live guitar or keyboard playing? Or is there a way to get the iTunes one to respond to live playing? Thanks for any leads...

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    Dude that is a cool idea. I however have never heard of any such thing. I would think that it would be easy though so maybe somebody has designed it?



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      Found an answer to my own question: G-Force. There is a free version, but you have to get the Platinum version ($30) if you want the standalone application that can work with any audio input.

      I bought it and installed it, and it's great! With a projector and audio interface -- instant light show to accompany your music.


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        I had the same problem and couldn't find an answer. So as a school project I decided to make my own. The visuals are not complex as the itunes since I'm a designer not a programmer and this my first interaction project. Also, I wanted to trying something new and different from most visualizers as the looks. However, I am happy with the result.

        You can check it out from

        I don't intend this post to be an advertisement. Since my project is free and I was looking for a same kind of solution to the same problem I just wanted to share with you all.