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can i record keys/usb and vocals/firewire at same time?


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  • can i record keys/usb and vocals/firewire at same time?

    i record in digital performer on my mac going thru a motu mk2 interface which is connected via firewire. i'm wanting to get this new keyboard(yamaha 90es) which has a usb port out which i'd like to use, but my mk11 doesn't have usb so i'd have to plug it directly into my mac's usb port.
    would that work to record (multiple tracks at the same time) in digital performer having vocals going thru the mk2 to the mac via firewire at the same time as the keys are going directly into mac via usb port?

    p.s. also, i'm new to usb port outs on keys. they are full audio right? not just midi? i mean it would be the same as using 1/4" outs, but wouldn't usb be cleaner since it's digital?

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    Keyboards that are USB are midi controllers, they will not produce any analog sound such as 1/4" jacks do. I am currious, do you know if this keyboard produces sounds acoustically? (does it have speakers)


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      no speakers. it's a synthesizer/digital piano with motif sounds in it. it's not "just a midi controller".
      it has 1/4" outs, midi out, and usb out. i'll double check around and find out if it's usb out is midi only.


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        And also to answer your question: yes you should be able to simultaniuously record vocals and keyboard given your situation.


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          thanx for the reply. i've decided to go with some keys that have an spdif connection.


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            Hey that is probably the best idea, I didn't know you had that option.


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              yeah, the motu mk2 has spdif but not usb.
              i was looking at keys with usb then found out the usb is midi only and i wanna send digital audio, not midi, so i'm gonna go with some keys that have an spdif port. that'll work ; )