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Powerbook 15" screen issues?


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  • Powerbook 15" screen issues?

    Ya, so i'm going to college next year to study music recording and I need a good laptop, and I'm definately thinking Powerbook.

    But I heard that some of the 15" screens are ahving problems, like lines thought the screens and stuff like that...anyone have more info? Maybe I can afford a 17" but I also want to upgrade to 2gb of RAM and buy an external HD, so...

    Any chance this problem will be fixed by the summer? Also, when are the Intel version comming out?

    Thanks guys, this will actually be my first i'm excited!

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    Intels MIGHT be announced in mid-Jan.

    If not, new Powerbook models will be announced mid-Jan. regardless, so I've heard.

    I'm not familiar with that specific screen issue. Maybe someone else has heard about it.


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      I'v ehad a 15" powerbook for a couple years and have no screen issues at all. I know several others that do as well, and they also have had no issues.