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Is there a free Tiger virus scan out there?

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  • Is there a free Tiger virus scan out there?

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    Macs are too small a part of the computer world (under 5%) for hackers to bother with writing virus' for them, thus there are no mac virus' to worry about.

    One of the many benefits of life on the dark side.


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      In over a decade of owning Macs, never installed any virus software on my machines.

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        don't bother...
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          Originally posted by gdoubleyou
          In over a decade of owning Macs, never installed any virus software on my machines.

          Me neither, a waste of time and money.
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            While I fully agree with everyone, it is a waste of time and money, I must say that being careful does not hurt. If you have recently done something out of the ordinary, like open a word document attachment in a email from an unknown source, you may want to check.

            While it is extremely unlikely for anyone using a Mac to get a virus, it is not 100% virus free. Just damn close. If you are experiencing some kind of odd behavior from your Mac, it is likely due to software incompatibilities or poorly written code. Create a another user and log in as that user to see if the problem persists.
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              Originally posted by where02190

              One of the many benefits of life on the dark side.

              That's funny... i always thought of Windoze as "the dark side" lol...

              Being cautios is always good, but don't go and install Anti-virus software, if anything that will just slow down your cpu.
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                if your having problems, 2 words

                REPAIR PERMISSIONS

                or reboot. hah u have no idea how fast a mac feels after its been on for 25 days, 9 hours 32 minutes and 24 seconds (terminal, type uptime) and you then reboot it

                mine for no reason, finder just wouldnt stay on
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