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    Can anyone recommend some good software to go with my Firebox that is not Cubase or GarageBand? Cubase really messes with my computer and I don't like the interface with GarageBand (it's really hard to sync 2 tracks together due to the whole grid thing they got, and the pitch crap they got always messes with the way my guitar sounds). Thanks!

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    Almost all audio type programs use a grid.

    Cubase causes problems for a lot of Mac users, so dont worry about that too much.

    You can try the Logic demo:

    There's also a demo of Tracktion:

    And Ableton Live:


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      Tracktion is a great program, but I have had some troubles on my powerbook with it; clicks pops and cutouts. I only have 512 MB of ram though, and I am using the internal harddrive. I LOVE this program and I would really recomend you give it a try... just make sure your powered enough! The best feature in the world is Tracktion's "abort and restart" recording button. That would take about 10 mouse clicks in Cubase!!!!!


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        Don't fool around - just get Digital Performer