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Is AIF always AIF????

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  • Is AIF always AIF????

    I have the following question.
    I am using an audio editing program for mastering. I do not wish to share the name of the product because I am giving the company the chance to respond and analyze my files, and do not want to damage the company by undeserved remarks.
    My problem is the following. I notice that sometimes, iTunes does not open AIF files (24b, 44.1kHz) which I have saved in this non-Apple sound applicaton. I wonder if somehow, there is more than one convention for AIF or whether the convention has changed over the years?
    Do any other users have experiences suggesting a slight lack of standards for AIF or other sound file formats?
    I am working in OSX.4.2.
    Thank you,
    ES; :wave:
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    Itunes won't open any file that is 24 bit, it's 16 bit only.


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      Hi Where...,
      Thank you for your input, but that is not my experience.
      iTunes can deal with 24b and 16b AIF files, but only 16b wav files.
      I also miswrote my original post.
      I have this problem with 16b AIF files as well. Not all, but sometimes, and I do not understand it.
      Have any other readers had a problem with tran-app differences of standard music file formats?
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        Open the files with Quicktime, get the real info, and convert if you have to.

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          There is AIF and AIFC (compressed). The extension will not tell you this. Get Info or use a file type utility.
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