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  • Importing loops into Garageband - Help

    Ive downloaded GB loops which are AIFF format. First I copied them into Garageband Loops folder. That didnt work, so I dragged them into Loop Browser. There were many duplicates which I deleted, but almost half of downloaded werent imported. I manually tried importing them and a message saying theyre already in the loop library do I want to replace or cancel.

    I tried both renaming or replacing and it stil won't import the remaining loops.

    Any ideas?

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    First, look in your utilities folder for the Sountrack loop Utility. Or download it from the Apple site.

    Process the aif files to turn them into Apple Loops, then drop them onto the browser.

    The other way is to use Add to Loop library, from the edit menu in Garage Band. For details use your help menu in GB, and search on Apple loops.

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