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Please help me decide how to fully utilize mac potential


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  • Please help me decide how to fully utilize mac potential

    I am running a Mac 833 G4 and a digi001 with Digital Performer 3 in OS9.2 for stability.

    Basically yesterday I bought a new Yamaha S90ES synth and am trying to update my set up to fully utilize the Mac with DP and the Synth.

    I am limited by the fact that the digi001 isn't supported by the latest mac OS. What is your opinion on how I should update my system? Should I get a Motu piece to run DP4.5?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I would love to be able to fully utilize DP with selection of the synth banks by name etc....

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    I am terribly content with DP4.12 on OSX.3.9 and an 896 interface. I got my 896 used for about 650.
    I believe DP 4.5 is really optimized for OSX.4+(Tiger). As I'm in no hurry to make the upgrade to Tiger and cloud my desktop with all sorts of things that I can't really use (especially since I'm on dial-up), I'll stick with 3.9 on my G4 1.25Ghz until I can afford to get a G5.
    After some struggle--mostly because I'm a deer in the headlights where MIDI is concerned--I've found DP to be quite handy with my testy old Roland XP-80.
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      I think part of the problem is that I'm running DP through a Digi001 - which is a digidesign protools piece. Maybe I should pick up a MOTU solution to streamline things more -