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  • digirant

    I'd like to know what people 'round here think of digidesign these days. Personally I'm sick of 'em. The HD upgrades were a rip, the 6-7 upgrade is more like a point upgrade. logic AND motu are KILLING them in feature sets and pricepoint. I wish it wasn't such a headache to switch.

    A close friend, !republican!, and prominent audio hardware manufacturer told me the following once....
    "Digidesign works on the trickle down theory. first, they piss, then it trickles down their legs... then it rains on the rest of the industry."

    (I just bought the 6-7 HD upgrade. I hate myself)

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    if you hate digi then use something else. no one forced to you upgrade. didn't your system work fine before the upgrade? digi says whats new in 7 so if its not much then why upgrade? im still in 6.4 and happy as a clam. as for features, it all depends on what you're doing as to which program might be best for you. if you dont like PT then switch.
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      EngineGuitarist's point is pertinent and sensible. If your dislikes outweigh benefits, use something else.

      Get a few demos. Fool around with the features, do some research. See if anything out there piques your interest.

      It is difficult learning something new, and very frustrating. Something you could do with your old tool very quickly could take a lot longer. This is happening to me with Live right now. I have been strictly using Reason for a few years. It has many limitations, but I can execute ideas rapidly. The deficiencies have been pushing me toward a more robust solution. After much fooling around and research I have decided that Live suits my style and needs more than other apps out there.
      For the moment, I am still using Reason. I have Live and use it on the side while trying to reach a level of comfort. When I am confident I can use Live to express my thoughts with agility and grace, I will switch.

      We each have different way of learning. Some of us dive right in, read all material, and spend a lot of time learning software inside and out. I dive right in without reading a thing and get frustrated. Hence my reluctance to learn a new app. It is my guess you share similar aversions.

      Good luck.


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        I told myself this was it. that the next time they rip me off I'm switching.

        The reason I switched from performer to digidesign was, at that point, I believed that I need my recording software to "work like hardware." That was most important to me. Things have changed since then. OSX, 5 times the Hz processors. Firewire... Personal Computers are now capable of pulling this stuff off with out flinching. I'm hoping to switch to logic soon.

        Thanks for calming me down. honestly I just needed to yell.