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Going back to OS9 on my G3. Analoge mixing. Advice?


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    Originally posted by where02190

    Bottom line is a g3, 300mhz, 384MB ram, 10gig hard drive isn't going to run more than a dozen or so tracks, it doesn't have the power. I'st barely got enough ram to boot and launch Protools for starters. The processor speed won't be able to keep up with playback, and the HDD will be full in no time. (10gb will hold approx 45 minutes 24 tracks 24 bit 44.1lk wav files.) Not to mention that it appears this 10g drive is the system drive, which is most likely then would have a GB or more of data already on it for the OS and apps.

    Did you notice in the the 1st post in this thread, the one where you just quoted the machine specs, and also the title of this thread that the guy is interested in OS9 software???

    Now, if you're talking OSX, then I agree with you. 384 MB of RAM will get you nowhere fast, and whatever audio DAW app you tried running would basically be spinning it's wheels in no time. The Beige's on board VRAM isnt really up to the task either. Just installing OSX on a Beige can be a major PITA.

    OS9, what the poster was asking about, is a different matter. You can run Studio Vision, Logic ,Digital Performer and other apps on this machine with quite decent results.

    The performance numbers I stated earlier were for using Studio Vision in OS9.The links I posted were for OS9 software because that's what the guy asked for.

    Because, believe it or not, people were using Macs to record with before OSX was invented.

    As for how many busses PTLE has, so what? The 6 yr. old software I posted the links to has 16 busses,too. At least it's not limited to 32 MONO tracks.

    Yeah, the DUC is a real after page of guys whining about why PTLE doesnt allow higher track counts.You should check out the Digital Performer forum at and see what kind of results people are getting these days on host-based systems.


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      my god you guys are still going at it huh?

      Anyways, i havent had time to install OS9 back on it yet. I should be getting to that within the next 2 weeks or so

      appreciate the suggestions!


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        my god you guys are still going at it huh?

        No just him.