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Powerbook w/ Mac mini - For processing power?


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  • Powerbook w/ Mac mini - For processing power?

    Has anyone tried Logic's nodes concept? I have heard it's cool. Also heard that you can connect a powerbook to a mac mini for real good processing power. Can anyone explain this?

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    welll...Apple does have a processor-sharing app available--can't remember the name right off hand, but you have to dig WAY deep into the website to find it--however, since the Mini is essentially a Powerbook, restacked, I can't see how one would benefit from connecting the two together.
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      Read Apples explanation
      Put simply. By installing a "node" application on another computer and hooking up an ethernet cable between the two you can then select which aspects of the project, tracks, plug-ins, etc. you want the "node" computer to process thereby reliefing your main computer of those processes. Similar to adding a DSP card, UAD-1/Powercore, in a system except in this case you're using another computer.
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        Hi everyone -

        Yes, the program is called xGrid. It can be configged to utilize idle resources of other client computers that are also on the network.

        In theory a mini-network between a PowerBook and MM would be kind of cool, although I haven't done it or used xGrid for that matter.

        Then again, why didn't you just buy the machine that you need for desktop applications?



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          Well, if Mac mini works with Powerbook, since it's small, it gives the ability to be mobile all the time with out having to go for a desktop.