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guitar rig to my amp ??


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  • guitar rig to my amp ??

    Do you think guitar rig for mac os could sound good for effect in front of my fender twin even tho it will always sound a bit fake but could it be use like an effect prosseser like a boss gt6 or something like that and give a decent tones to the amp ??

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    I have no doubt that most modern effects packages like Guitar Rig would sound pretty damn good.

    The real issue you have to be concerned about is potential latency of the sound. (ie-the delay introduced in the signal by going through the computer).

    That's somerhing you'll have to try to see if it's useable. Is there a demo of that program you can download and test?


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      yes you can find it at

      im not shure tho what would be the best way to plus it either staigh in the guitar input or somehow in they guitar fx loop