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PC to Mac via CD

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  • PC to Mac via CD

    I don't have my Mac online. However, there are lots of free plug-ins & loops-n-such online that I'd like to take advantage of.
    Can I download the programs direct to CD on my Windows PC, and upload them to my Mac to run on?

  • #2
    You bet! As long as you burn a standard ISO9660 disc, your Mac shouldn't have any problem reading the files - provided the files/plugs you're downloading are Mac compatible VSTs, AUs, Aiffs/WAVs whatever.


    • #3
      Thanks. I'm getting a "you do not have permission to open this file..." when I try to save it to CD. Works fine if I save it to my desktop tho, but I always get this message when I try to save to CD.


      • #4
        Is this error coming up on the Mac or the PC? If Mac - have you checked the permissions on the file?


        • #5
          It's coming up on my Windows machine. I think I need to save the file to my C drive and use something like Nero to copy it do disk, am I right?


          • #6
            You'll need to save it to the C: drive, the copy it to the CD instead of downloading it directly to the CD.

            Windows (XP) burns to CDs exactly like OS X does, so you shouldn't have to use Nero. Just drag & drop to the CD.


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              Thanks, STPW! I should've said- I'm currently running ME, with plans to upgrade to XP as soon as I upgrade my RAM.


              • #8
                downgrade to Win2000!
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