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  • crashing ibook...

    we have a shared ibook at work that a co-worker has really screwed up (don't ask me how...god only knows). when i had crashing problems with my own ibook, i was able to do a start-up procedure that i think i read on here that got it going again... i held down 4-5 keyboard keys and pressed the power button. the laptop started up to a brief grey screen three times, after the third, i released the keys and it started up as normal, and has been fine ever since. i lost a bunch of documents, but it works. i wanted to try this procedure on the ibook at work before its relegated to collecting dust on the shelf, but the problem is, i can't remember which keys i held!!!! can any of you mac gurus help?

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    Cmd+Option+P+R will "zap the PRAM" - do that three or four times.

    Aside from that, run disk utility and repair the permissions on the drive. Also, grab a copy of MacJanitor and run "all" tasks.

    Good luck...


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      Originally posted by somata
      i can't remember which keys i held!!!! can any of you mac gurus help?

      It was probably shift-ctrl-option-cmnd.

      You might find some useful commands here and here.


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        If those tips do not solve your problem the pop in your OS X install disc and choose the Archive and install option. You will be prompted to preserve users and network settings, choose yes. This will reinstall your system but leave all documents and user specific settings alone.