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Automating in Logic?

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  • Automating in Logic?

    I love being able to automate effects paramaters on individual tracks in Logic. It's changed the way I mix. Wonderful.

    But.. since most of my effects are UAD effects now on busses... is there any way to automate effects and volume on BUSSES in Logic? Can this be done in any way by "drawing" the paramaters as I do in the enviornment audio tracks? Should I be using a "mixer" window to do this?

    It HAS to be possible... Even if it's just volume and panning for busses.

    G5 Dual 1.8, Logic 7, Metric Halo 2882, Mackie Control, Tannoy Reveals, UAD-1.

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    ah ha!

    an answer form the sonikmatter forum:

    ""Click on the checkbox beside the icon for the bus/master etc. - in the Object's parameter box.

    This will make the object/channel appear in the Arrange window Track List.

    Select it....automate it. ""

    I guess I was referring to the arrange window as to where the automation is drawn... the enviornment is where I find the check box for the object.

    So simple, but you know me and Logic... would have taken a year for me to find it on my own. Right-brained people like myself are a little slow with such things.

    my power and knowledge grows.... muah hahahahaha!!!

    Hmmmmmm... once a bus is in the arrange, I'm hoping I can freeze it? Such a thing would allow me to use more UAD effects on the master (pultec, mostly), making my power and influence over audio waveforms even more amazing.

    be amazed,

    G5 Dual 1.8, Logic 7, Metric Halo 2882, Mackie Control, Tannoy Reveals, UAD-1.