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sampling from motif into wav files....


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  • sampling from motif into wav files....

    Hi all, i would like to be able to sample various piano's from the motif, and be able to load the wav. files into my soft sampler (nnxt in reason 2.5).
    This is because i travel alot and carrying around the motif 8 is really a hassle to be honest.

    Anyways, what notes should i sample from the motif 8 piano's to keep the file size down but, still have good sound quality?

    Also, i have heard ppl say if u sample C3 as a root it is better to stretch is from B2 to C3 sharp as oppsed to just C3 to D3. Why is that? I always thought when stretching samples you take the root of the sample and always stretch further up the keyboard,,,,,,,,, not down or down and up?