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PowerBook G4 - Mbox, Digital Recorder or ??????

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  • PowerBook G4 - Mbox, Digital Recorder or ??????

    Sorry All, I’m sure this is beating a dead horse but I was unable to use the Search feature so, alas, please humor me!

    I want to do some simple recording probably just me, an acoustic, my vocals, perhaps a drum machine and definitely overdubbing some electric guitar breaks.

    I have a PowerBook G4 and no microphones or any other gear to mention other than some guitars and a couple of old amplifiers. My question is should I go with an Mbox, a Digital Recorder or something I’m not even aware of yet and I’d like to keep it under a $1000.00

    Thanks in advance for your help and sage advise!

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    You mean a digital recorder like a rolnd or something? not sure what u mean.

    Depending on how many tracks you want to record at once (sounds like 2 will work for you), you could get a 2-channel firewire soundcard for about $200. You have a good musical platform in the fact that you have a decent mac with oSX. that's a big part of it right there... and that will leave you plenty o $ for couple of mics to get you started.

    look on a site like sweetwater for m-audio interfaces, or edirol, or motu (by interfaces i mean soundcards, basically. ) you will need firewire for your purposes most likely.

    then there's the software. many here love Logic (apple/emagic) or Digital performer (motu.)

    then of course, there's the mbox, which you mentioned, also a great choice, and it includes the interface with the software. also a stable choice.
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