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Please help a noob on the DAW and Mac setup...


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  • Please help a noob on the DAW and Mac setup...

    Hi, I am about to make the jump from recording with an adat to the glorious DAW setup. Basically what Iwant to know is whether my machine is powerful enough to handle Digital Performer 4.5.

    I have a Power Mac G4 800 mhz with 1 gig of ram. I also have an ibook G3 700 mhz with 500 megs of ram - though I will do most of the tracking, mixing etc on the G4 - the ibook may just be used to cut a track across the room and bring it bakc to the G4 if neccessary - the G4 will be used the majority of the time.

    Is this machine powerful enough to handle say 8-10 tracks of audio/midi?
    I rarly do more than that. Also a few effects here and there - just a few.

    thanks all

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    your setup should do fine. ram will be the most significant thing for upgrading your mac.

    how many tracks do you need to record at a time? what interface do you plan to use?
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      if running dp 4.5 on your powermac. You might consider purchasing a dual upgrade for your powermac.

      I just purchased a sonnet dual 1.3 ghz from owc. Before dp would choke and gag. Now she handles anything I can throw at her.

      Running 8-10 tracks should work though. I would upgrade, like I suggested though.

      On the I book, I would'nt bother running dp4.5. I had it running on an 800mhz powerbook g4, and it was a joke. If you run dp3 though, you will get stellar performance. If you are going to be importing into your powermac any way.

      do you have an older version of DP, or did you just purchase dp 4.5?
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        thanks for the replys guys....I will be purchasing 4.5 - dont have any other versions and will be purchasing probably after looking, the m-audio firewire 410 as my interface.

        I do not need more than 2 inputs and only will always record 1 track at a time.