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silent computer recording???


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  • silent computer recording???


    the laptop/digital performer set up i've got aren't working out for me because i do really quiet meditative music and the laptop fan comes on every 3 minutes.
    i got a laptop instead of a desktop/tower since towers are noisier(though i know some are "quiet", i need next to silent) and i don't want to have to put it in another room.

    another issue is i generally record 3 tracks simultaneously and i like to press record and play for an hour or so continuously. as well as playback for an hour or so continuously. i've found that this is extremely processor intensive on a computer(thus constant fan noise), so i'm considering gettin away from computer recording and going to standalone.

    before i do that, does anyone have any experience or knowledge about how to create a silent computer set up that can record for an hour or so without noise or fans? i am open to getting a different computer and different software other than digital performer. i cannot afford more than $2000 total, so i cannot get a new top of the line computer. if i got a different computer set up, i believe it would have to be used...

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    If you're only recording and playing back, how about using a non-computer solution (tape, minidisc, etc)?

    Alternatively, try putting a physical barrier between the laptop and the microphones. The Mac portables aren't that loud.


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        I just got a new iMac at work, and it is really quiet so far. I have a G4 tower that is really noisy, but the new iMacs are very quiet - and certainly well under $2000. I have DP on it and it runs fine.