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  • G4/G5, What Time is it ?

    BACKGROUND: The dawn of the PC era began with 8 bit processors, about 4 years later IBM gave us 16 bit processing, then around 1986 Compac Computer introduced 32 bit processing, which is where we were until the introduction of the G5 by Apple in 2003 ( was it ?)  So what does it all mean ? Well, a CPU's addressability (how many items it can locate in it's memory) is tied to it's word-with...  A 32 bit computer can locate about 6 CD-ROMS of data...however,a 64 bit processor can locate about 25 billion (yes, billion) CD-ROMS worth of data !! Not to mention what this would mean to musicians... Now, what's left is an OS to run it...with the introduction of Tiger OS some time early next year, the 64 bit platform will be complete...sans apps  Believe me the coders aren't sleeping on this one...I'm willing to bet that when Adobe Photoshop (and Logic,FCP,Shake,etc.) makes it's 64 bit debute...we will have officially seen the dawn of a brave new world !! Things we can't even imagine in our 32 bit state of mind...  Now, in view of this background...what might be the most prudent move...G4(up graded and maxed out) or G5...(an opinion of a new thread)

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    32 bit addressing can address up to 4 gigs of memory.

    The G5 can (currently) address up to 8 gigs of memory... so it's really using 33 bit addressing. Not 64.

    Mind you, 64 bit is not all about memory addressing. The G5 has 64 bit internal data paths, and can perform 64 bit arithmetic witha throughput of one op per cycle.

    Mind you, 64 bits is not directly related to processing speed either, but that's another story entirely...


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      Well...yes, but for the sake clarity...OS and apps SHARE the address space which is 4 billion locations ( 4GB RAM or about six CD-ROMS) as per the 32-bit world.
      The 64-bit world can reference about 16 billion billion spots ie, 25 billion CD-ROMS of data...  But the purpose behind this thread was to offer another consideration (for those pondering the decision) as to rather buy, or up grade, to a top of the line G4 or maybe bite the bullet to get a "small" G5.  My personal choice was to max out my G4 dualie and wait for the 64-bit platform to become full blown ie, OS, apps, etc....then bring the G4 back on line under X-grid for the current rate of development it dosen't appear to be a long wait