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Midi Notation/orchestration/playback?


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  • Midi Notation/orchestration/playback?

    So for years now I've been trying to find a Mac program that compares to Noteworthy (

    It's very simple, it allows to to input notation with your mouse in a score format with multiple channels and you can play back using your computer's built in midi.

    IS there anything like this for Mac with a similar pricetag?

    Maybe even a demo, or shareware?

    I found this Nightengale program but it only does one instrument at a time. And I've searched so many lists of Mac Midi programs. But it just seems like such a simple concept that someone's gotta have done it!

    I even tried Noteworthy with virtual PC but the sound doesn't work right.
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    Finale Notepad is free....

    There is/was another one, I just cant remember the name at the moment.