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    Since my PowerMac is ordered and on it's way, I've been looking at audio cards. Originally, I was planning on the MOTU 828MKII, but I decided that when I discipline myself to go quality over quantity, I'm never dissatisfied. Hence, I was almost ready to order the Lynx L22 card. However, I'm concerned about future expandability. If anyone has any knowledge to share, please do.
    Anyway, I was recommended over at the Recording Forum here to check out the RME HDSP9632, and it appears to be exactly what I want.
    Any thoughts???


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    RME is very highly regarded here. Rimmer? i think he just got one.
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      Originally posted by kellyvsgray
      RME is very highly regarded here. Rimmer? i think he just got one.

      I've got two RME Hammerfall Lites.. One version 1.1 (which I just sold actually) and a version 1.5.

      I do use them as ADAT interfaces though but they are pretty sweet..!

      Fireface before Christmas hopefully although it might have to wait until the new year.

      RME impress me with their build quality. All the rack stuff is solid and clean. My friend works at the local music shop and everyone there uses RME hardware for the 'puter needs. There are other things around that are very usable although I was put off somewhat by the reported humming of the MOTU 828's (and MkII's apparently). Nothing something I would expect to hear from an RME rack mount.

      Simply put, unless RME produce a real lemon of an interface, I can't see how anyone can go wrong...

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