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  • Mac role in music industry

    Hey all,

    The Mac OS seems to be the most widely used when it comes to musicians and the music industry. What role have you seen Macintosh playing in the development of the music industry?

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    Apple recieved a lifetime achievment grammy last year...
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      I'd say it's a lot more about the people who use them.

      The only impact on the "industry" I could mention is happening on all platforms of recording, and that's affordable high-end options for people in their home studios.

      I would not venture to say that music has gotten any better, or that styles or sounds have changed becuse of macs.

      Someone, if they are a savvy, smart self-producer with a wonderful ear, can produce a "mainstream" release in their own bedroom now, but again, thats with all platforms of computer music.

      I see more of macs making an impact in the past, rather the future. they were the first "stable" and widely-accepted way to record music on a computer. They are still awesome, but that is not necessarily the case anymore.
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        ^ what he said.
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          The Apple brand is ingrained in the culture of digital audio editing and midi on the pro end. This is not changing. People who are creative and can afford a MAC tend to exercise their power as consumers by avoiding Microsoft.
          In recent years apple has moved to position themselves in a new market: Music distribution and playback. The Itunes and Ipod further solidify apples strong position in music(generally). As a musician the ipod and itunes is just icing on the cake. The main course, of course, being a dual g5 and logic pro topped with some plug ins, like say... the NI Komplete bundle.
          Numerous budding amateurs, hobbiests, enthusiests, and yes the occasional black sheep professional do use the windows platform. And I don't blame them. I use windows at the moment. But I only use it for this reason: It's cheap. Wait there's one more-- I'm not running a business and I am not a professional. Still if I had some dough in my pocket I'd go to the apple store and get a nice dual g5 and a Powerbook with the spare change.
          A lot of people expect to see a Mac when working with a professional engineer/computer tweaker(you know, the guy in the studio who sits at the computer all day editing ****************). For that matter, people like to see Macs when working with a pro in practically any creative field.


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            I agree with the sentiments expressed by this forum. For a pro, who cannot afford to lose time due to the quirkiness of windows machines, the Mac has been (and still is, though not by as wide a margin) the way to go.

            That being said, for just about anyone else, it's just a matter of preference. I prefer the Mac, but I can afford the extra few bucks for it (Actually I can't, but I could when I got started and now I am just addicted ...) As I used to tell my customers when I worked at a music store that was also an Apple reseller, if you already have a PC and youare just doing this for fun, use the PC. If you have a Mac, you hit the jackpot. If you don't have a machine to use, I always recommend Macs, but I certainly don't think you are crazy to go with a PC (okay, back in 1995 when I was doing this for a living I think you would have been crazy to go PC - recall that this was when most machines were Windows 3.1! - but not anymore).

            I've heard amazing music from Macs, PCs, Reel-to-Reels, ADATs, and even some remarkably good results from cassette 4 tracks! Use whatever tool allows you to create!

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              True dat...

              I totally forgot about the Ipod and I-tunes store, which IS making an impact and changing the industry somewhat.. people can buy individual songs. I've bought a few myself. It's legal, and you get it right away and with good quality. and a record of your transactions is stored in the i-tunes store, so you can access your account and songs from any computer. pretty clever.

              This technology is not limited to macs, but apple launched it in a big way with i-tunes, and subsequently i-tunes for pc. of course i am talking about the "user/consumer" end of the msuic industry here.

              are you writing a paper? just curious? are you a mac user?
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                Originally posted by kellyvsgray
                are you writing a paper? just curious? are you a mac user?

                Yep, I am writing a paper; just trying to get some preliminary research in on the forums here.
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                  Good idea.

                  You could certianlly break it down to aspects of the industry- the recording studio industry, promotions and marketing industry (strategies), distribution, etc.

                  Whats your thesis statement/title.. or.. what is the assignment?

                  maybe everyone can chip in with ideas once they know your exact topic.

                  Again, I'd focus on the HISTORY of the development of computer based recording, of which Apple is heavily involved. that's of course if you delve into the "recording studio" or "self-produced" end of the business, and how it's impacted the sonic quality and viability of self-releases or "underground" music.

                  good luck! what class is it?
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