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Dual g4 1.25 vs. Dual g5 1.8


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  • Dual g4 1.25 vs. Dual g5 1.8

    Hi guys: I'm trying to upgrade my dual g4 1.25 to a dual g5 1.8
    Good idea ?
    I've heard that the g5 dual 1.8 isn't compatible with protools witch I'm not using it (by now)
    Also think the g5 1.8 doesn't has as many hard drive bays and PCI slots as dual 1.25 plus the g4 has random pro 9000 while g5 has geforce 5200.
    Is it a good upgrade? it will run faster ?
    O.k dual g4 makes more noise than my Marshall JCM 900
    Is the dual 1.8 g5 quiter ?
    Thanks for help.
    regards JLF

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    The G5 is much faster, and probably MUCH quieter.

    Can't help you with the other questions, sorry.


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      True there are fewer slots and bays even though the thing is like 50% bigger and heavier.


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        There is a kit that allows you to install 5 drives in a G5.
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          I you are using Protools (not LE..etc) than you may want to consider holding onto your dual G4.

          If you are using DP4 or especially Logic, you will be happy with the G5.

          Consider this, by selling your G4 now you will get the most value for it. G4s are depreciating faster now that the G5 is here.

          The G4 is a great computer though, so maybe just live with it?

          i'd say if you have the extra $$$ and are not using a Protools rig, than the dual 1.8 is a good deal.

          Some of the older G5s had some problems with their power supplies. Mine has a minor problem which makes noise through its mini-mic output and depending what I'm plugged into - through my Firewire card too! This may not be a problem if you have a very clean power supply.

          Otherwise, the latest versions of the G5 are supposed to have this addressed. I would aim for the latest version of the dual 1.8gHz.

          Consider what you need it for too... great music can be made on your G4. But if you use a lot of softsynths and softeffects than the G5 will help. Still, many apps, plug-ins are not yet optimized for the G5. Fortunately, the G5 is Altivec aware.
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