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  • Searching For A New DAW

    I have tried two DAW's for my mac powerbook g4 800._ I have tried
    digital performer & Cubase sl._ Neither one of these works very well on my powerbook.

    I would like owners of pro tool le, and logic 6/7 systems, who use powerbooks to report in on
    performance._ I need a solution soon.

    Pro tools seems the way to go._ I do not want to buy a new computer._ If protools will not
    do what I want, Then a Roland multitracker is the way.

    Here is what I expect
    16-24 tracks
    dynamics on every channel
    3-6 send effects
    4 band parmetric eq
    2-3 soft synth/sampler

    my rig=
    powerbook 800
    640 mb ram
    record to external fw drive

    thank you very much
    Peace & Love, Lord Toranaga.

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    If you don't mind recording one or two tracks at a time, MBox is a great all in one solution for what you want to do.


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      i guess the first question is how many tracks you need to record at a time. If it's 16-24 at once, then I don't think LE is the way to go. If you can do 2 of them at a time, mBox seems nice.

      If can do away with 8 at a time, Digi002 seems like a very solid solution, even though it is a little overpriced imo.
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        Logic is the most cpu friendly app, no problem with sessions of 32-48 tracks on a 1Ghz powerbook with firewire drive.

        Most of the the songs are all virtual synths, if cpu approaches 60% I will freeze a few tracks.

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          I will be rcording 8--10 tracks at one time. I am not interested in m-box.
          Peace & Love, Lord Toranaga.


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            I used Digital Performer on a G4 TiBook 800, it ran very well.

            I had 512mb of RAM and used it with a Lacie external 7200rpm Firewire drive. For an audio card I use an M-Audio 410 and had low-latency and pop-free recording with it.

            MIDI also ran very well with that set-up. The only thing that did not run well was that I couldn't run a ton of high-quality effects and softsynths, but that is not the problem of the DAW, rather it is mostly a limitation of the processor.

            The only other thing that might run better is Logic.
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              Music123 sells Digidesign Digi002 Rack for $1200. I think it records a maximum 8 tracks at a time, plus another 8 with ADAT.

              ProTools LE has a limit on 32 tracks, which should be enough according to your needs.

              The "freeze"-feature in Logic should be good for your 800MHz processor, so this is another route to evaluate. There's no special features with ProTools LE making it more processor-friendly than other systems. You'll have to get a real ProTools system for things to be done in hardware and not software.
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                I have came up with a solution.

                I had a quicksilver in a local consignment shop. I called the owner and retriev my quicksilver. I went to OWC website and ordered sonnet dual 133 upgrade, a conbo drive, and an extra512 meg RAM.
                I also ordered a tascam fw1884. for

                I am going to stick with DP4.5.

                New set up is
                Dual 1.3 g4 1.5 gb RAM
                tascam fw 1884
                mpc 4000
                powerbook 800 used as sound module
                2*technics 1200mk2
                vestax pmc275
                EMU emax II

                I will have some tune up on the web soon.

                Thank you much for all the help.
                Peace & Love, Lord Toranaga.


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                  sounds like a very respectable setup.

                  i would like to know how the dual upgrade does, and the tascam fW.
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