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Which sound card is the best for 200-500$?

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  • Which sound card is the best for 200-500$?

    I'm running Cubase VST SX on a Emac G4 700, and i want a new sound card. Mostly for audio recording. Suggestions please.
    Damn !!!! You have to rock!!!

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    On an Emac, you'd be looking at either a USB or Firewire interface.

    How many tracks do you need to be able to record at the same time?

    Anyway, here's a link to some good ones.


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      1 channel per time. Guitar Stuff mostly(mic)
      Damn !!!! You have to rock!!!


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        You should check this out,too...

        About $200 or less. it's well thought of by people that use it.


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          Originally posted by Alexakos
          1 channel per time. Guitar Stuff mostly(mic)

          There are people here using the M-Audio Firewire 410 although I can't comment on the current drivers. I would have thought that the preamps were pretty decent considering M-Audios reputation for the Audiobuddy, if nothing else..

          Other than that, Firewire is your fastest option so you might do well to check out some of the Edirol stuff as they have decent drivers apparently..
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