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Powerbook Audio Troubles


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  • Powerbook Audio Troubles

    G4 550 TiBook in 10.2.1 w/ Edirol UA-1D 16bit/44.1khz stereo s-pdif usb device

    Symptom: audio recorded in Deck, Peak, Sound Studio, Cacophony, Live, and others consistently littered with static pops and milliseconds of drop-out.

    I've been told by an Edirol tech this is caused by my ethernet controller protocols.

    If anyone knows how to completely disable networking in OS 10.2.1, or knows how to fix the problem, reply!

    The internal mic doesn't have these symptoms when used as an input device. I am looking into the MOTU 828: does anyone in the forum use one successfully with a powerbook?


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    I replied to your other post in the "rip off" thread...but FWIW:

    I have a Edirol UA-30 USB audio interface that I use as a monitoring device when I run Logic on 10.2

    I don't have any of the problems you speak of....and performance has been flawless....and I have Ethernet running at the same time.

    Also....I have spoken several times with Edirol techs about various issues.....and my general impression is that they shall I say this politely?......umm......not the brightest of the bunch.

    Actually, to be more precise, not only have they never correctly answered any question I have ever posed them, but more often than not my queries are answered with "Gee, I just don't know...and unfortunately there is no one here who can answer that", .....this leads me to believe that they generally wouldn't know their *ss from a hole in the ground.

    Bottom line: Don't take Edirol U.S. tech support info as gospel - these are NOT the guys designing the interfaces or writing the drivers. (I suspect the REAL Edirol Tech guys speak very little 'engrish') On your issues, check with Apple. As I stated in your other post...I think you have other things that are causing your problems...I won't repeat myself here.

    Best of luck