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Tascam DP-24 As Control Surface?

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  • Tascam DP-24 As Control Surface?

    Hi folks, does anyone know if the Tascam DP-24 can be used as a control surface in DAWS? I know the Zoom -16 can do this, and I'm thinking of getting one of these for portable multitrack recording to finish off back home. I work primarily with REAPER.

    Both of these units have the same price, the Tascam seems a bit more attractive, although the Zoom seems more portable.

    If so, and if anyone's tried this, how's worked for you. Thanks for your time.

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    According to this MIDI Implementation Chart, the DP24 transmits MIDI Control Change so it looks like it should work.
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      Thanks for your reply. This is very hopeful and interesting. I suppose I could always get one and try it, and return it if it doesn't really pan out (no pun intended).


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        I have a DP-24 and it's not something I'd describe as "grab and go" (YMMV of course, but ....). Otherwise a nice unit (though I can't answer your question, as I use it as a stand-alone). Decent preamps for what it is.