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Electronic drummer / Industrial music fan / guitarist looking for desktop interface


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  • Electronic drummer / Industrial music fan / guitarist looking for desktop interface

    * Intro

    I love playing with ableton Live!, messing with loops, laying down keyboard tracks, etc. I used to own a Presonus Firestudio project with an 8-channel headphone amp, in a rack case, but I live in an apartment and now that's too bulky. Also, I have now spend most of my time at my job and I'm just not as serious as I used to be.

    My first instrument was drums. I love the idea of live electronic drumming, because I really enjoy industrial music and hip-hop.

    * Details

    I have these goals:
    1) create live ambient percussion mixing samples with electronic acoustic drums.
    2) make electronic music for fun, mixing samples and loops
    3) occasionally record guitar, bass, voice.
    4) mashup "Genesis" by Justice with "Sound of da Police" by Krs-One to win back a girl who is mad at me (but wants me to mash those songs up) ... this should be easy supposing I can get ableton Live! up and running with just about any interface.

    * Gear I'll be recording with

    I own an Alesis QS6 with aftertouch that I plan to use as a MIDI source for laying down keyboard parts as well as playing live on RARE occasions.
    I own a Roland drum pad that I plan to use as a MIDI source for laying down drum parts as well as playing live.
    I own an SM57 mic, an Audio Technica AT2020 large condensor mic and a couple of small condenser mics
    I own acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

    * Other considerations

    I believe the MIDI can be daisy-chained between the QS6 and drum pad so I think I only need one MIDI in. I need probably 2 line inputs at most, with one allowing instrument input for guitar/bass, and and at least one input with phantom power for a condenser mic.

    That said, ableton Live! is the environment I'm most familiar with. I don't need ProTools compatibility, though that would be a plus.

    * Conclusion

    I'm looking for an interface with good preamps that plays well with Mac and PC. I am considering a Presonus Audiobox. It seems okay and the price is reasonable. The Presonus Firestudio Project I owned previously had good preamps but the Firewire did not work well at all with PC. I may buy a Mac, but I wonder how good the support is for the USB Audiobox on PC.

    Also I'm looking for one of those MIDI pads with knobs and finger percussion pads for triggering samples, adjusting effects, etc ... I am on a budget here, just looking for a beginner setup here.

    Any recommendations on these two items (interface and controller pad) would be greatly appreciated.